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Saturday, September 28, 2013

CULTURE/SOCIETY - 50 Awesome Things That Came Out 50 Years Ago

I'm turning 50 in just a few days. So this is just a list of what I think are the 50 most awesome things that came out in 1963, The Year Of Awesomeness!

50. Zip codes

49. John F Kennedy's "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" speech

48. The modern hang glider


47. Chip Ahoy Cookies

46. Captain Crunch

45. Midge Hadley, the ONE and ONLY Barbie doll to get pregnant!

44. Lava lamps

43. The Pink Panther movie series

42. The first movie version of "Lord Of The Flies"

41. Touch tone telephones

40. Computer mouse

39. Instamatic cameras

38. Valium

37. "The Feminine Mystique"

36. The Organisation Of African Unity

35. "The Fugitive"

34. "Cat's Cradle"

33. The Avengers

32. Iron Man

31. Smiley, the yellow smiley face

30. "My Boyfriend's Back"

29. "A Christmas Gift For You"

28. "Be My Baby"

27. "Where The Wild Things Are"

26. "The Outer Limits"

25. Astro Boy

24. "Ring Of Fire"

23. Abington School District v Schempp

22. Women traveling in space

21. "The Birds"

20. The Planet Of The Apes - The movie came out in 1968, but the book that started it all came out in 1963.

19. Bob Marley and The Wailers - though they went by The Teenagers in 1963

18. Johnny Depp

17. James Bond movies in America - James Bond started out in books in 1953. The first James Bond movie, "Dr No", came out in 1962. But it didn't reach America until 1963. Yeah, it's a stretch, but it's my list, so I can stretch it as far as I want!

16. X-Men

15. Quentin Tarantino

14. "Surfin USA"

13. Doctor Who

12. "Heat Wave"

11. The Kinks

10. "Surfin Bird"

9. 'Blowin In The Wind"

8. The Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" - This version is actually a cover of a song that came out in 1955

7. Beatles albums - The Beatles released a single in 1962, but they didn't make an album until 1963.

6. Dead donor liver transplants

5. Gordon Gano

4. The March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom

3. "I Have A Dream"

2. My oldest and closest friend who I met in elementary school

1. Me!

Other cool stuff that came out in 1963, The Year Of Awesomeness:
- the BBC globe ident
- Lesotho's King Letsie III
- professional skateboard competitions
- Roger Corman's "The Raven" starring Vincent Price
- Tennessee Tuxedo
- the movie version of "Day Of The Triffids"
- The Irish Rovers
- Alan Arkin's film career
- Brad Pitt
- Kenya
- discovery of quasars
- Kurt Russell's film career

Saturday, September 21, 2013

SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY - Diet Of Defeat: Why Football Fans Mourn With High-Fat Food

Backing a losing NFL team isn't just bad for your pride.

It's bad for your waistline.

A study that links sports outcomes with the eating behavior of fans finds that backers of NFL teams eat more food and fattier food the day after a loss. Backers of winning teams, by contrast, eat lighter food, and in moderation.

After a defeat, the researchers found that saturated fat consumption went up by 16 percent, while after a victory it decreased by 9 percent. "After a victory, people eat better," says Pierre Chandon, a professor of marketing at the business school INSEAD in France. "After a defeat, people eat a lot worse."

HUMOR - Pirate humor

Yarrrgh! I've plundered the Internet for these pictures! Enjoy, mateys!

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