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Friday, August 29, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

my shoulders ache. my legs feel like rubber. i'm dying of thirst. i'm getting so old. i just can't handle moving anymore!

@juice_brianne - why do you need your wallet to decide what to make for dinner?

@istacie - congrats on your 2 100%'s. good job!

i am sooooo sore. i helped my sister moved. this is too much work for a man in his mid-forties! ouch!

ALL SAID ABOUT ME MAY OR MAY NOT B TRU SEE FOR URSELF!:o hyperactivity -omg's daughter X_x

that was REALLY my daughter - she demanded to see everything i wrote about her on twitter!

found this on the everyone tab - http://twitter.com/laundryroom - and http://tinyurl.com/23ruwr - too amusing!

bought a new cord and my zune is still a piece of crap! what a surprise! oh, why oh why did i buy a zune?!
@angryasianguy - powerpuff girls and dexter were strong bonding experience for my daughter and me. watched it all the time!

@killregrets - i love that "fraud in the 80s" song - but it's the only mates of states song i know!

my zune is still not working! curse you microsoft and bill gates! someday, i will have my revenge! - sorry too many comic books in my teens!

@spookychan -red rain is a freaky awesome songs-one of the few i like that came out after "security" -plus stewart copeland plays the drums!

@killregrets - redheads and no make up rules in my book. go for it!

@rebeccalarsen -i hate people who romanticize suicide and worship those who committed it. trying suicide is just plain stupid. i know!!

@killregrets -ALWAYS playing my pandora quick mix when at the computer. wish could play at work! http://tinyurl.com/6hb5pz

@msaleem - thanks for telling us that about hancock. now why don't you tell everyone who rosebud is!

i f-ing hate microsoft! i never ever buy a f-ing zune again! v.2 doesn't work half as well as v.1. i constantly am having software issues!

@spookychan -sorry, don't get what people like about later gabriel. liked peter gabriel iii, security and birdy. then lost interest.

@killregrets - what?! scientology lies?! i can't believe it! i have to check my thetan levels!

dang, failed new citizenship test! - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id... - http://tinyurl.com/5grnz9

i've discovered another way i've become my parents. i'll tell my daughter that joey ramone/kurt vonnegut/george carlin/jesse helms died.

when i tell my daughter these people have died, i get a blank look. i'm sure it's the same one i gave my parents!

then i try to explain the importance of the dead person-which i get a look of oh-there-he-goes-again -which i probably also gave my parents!

@istacie -one of my musical guilty pleasures is "wake me up before you go-go"-hate to say it but gets rotated into my mp3 player a good bit.

@killregrets - i hate you-my apartment is a mess and don't have any clean clothes for work-and cant sleep and am not doing anything useful!

@sushiday and @jfalconer -you're making me feel old-seem to be feeling that way a lot lately! anyway, remember 1986 -damn, i was in college! A link to my Twitter page


"Oh, yeah, I'm about to drop some particle physics in the club!"

CERN Rap from Will Barras on Vimeo.

I learned about this rap from Talk Of The Nation: Science Friday. Who says learning can't be fun? - OlderMusicGeek

A link to the original web page
A link to the Science Friday web site
A link to Science Friday videos

Monday, August 25, 2008

POLITICS and CULTURE/SOCIETY: The Devolution Of The Baby Boom Generation

Ernest T Spoon sent me this in an email. I edited it down a bit. Here's a link to the complete piece. - OlderMusicGeek

Goodbye and Get Lost!
The Devolution of the Baby Boom Generation

Some people say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.
--John Lennon

Although Albert Camus died before baby boomers took charge of the world and placed their redoubtable imprimatur on the political scene, he foreshadowed their eventual devolution in this prescient statement: "Conformity is one of the nihilistic temptations of rebellion which dominate a large part of our intellectual history. It demonstrates how the rebel who takes to action is tempted to succumb, if he forgets his origins, to the most absolute conformity. And so explains the twentieth century."

Camus was right, of course. As a baby boomer, it doesn't make me happy to say this; however, how else does one explain the "absolute conformity" (not to mention hypocrisy) of my once-rebellious generation? How else does one explain the disgraceful situation in which our country now finds itself?

We're the ones who created this mess. We're the ones who abrogated our political idealism and slowly but surely conformed to establishment power and corporate materialism. And we're the ones who allowed George W. Bush to slime his way into the presidency and bankrupt the country both economically and morally.

No wonder young people and Europeans hate our guts. The sad truth is, if you had told me in 1968 (40 years ago) that in 2008 the United States would be bogged down in another unnecessary war of choice that would kill thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, I wouldn't have believed you. In fact, I would have said, "No, I think Americans have learned their lesson with Vietnam and won't make that mistake again."

If you had told me 40 years ago that Americans would eventually embrace free market economics, become slaves to multinational corporations, and allow the upper one per cent of the population to own 40% of its wealth, I would have laughed and said, "I agree with Mencken that Americans are not the brightest inhabitants on the planet, but they're at least smart enough to know when they're being played for saps!"

If you had told me 40 years ago that the stock market would crash in the late 1990s, that hundreds of thousands of citizens would lose their homes to foreclosures and that major banks would fail in 2008, I would have said, "Not possible! We learned our lesson from the Great Depression regarding the importance of strong government regulations and oversight of the real estate and financial markets!"

If you had told me 40 years ago that in 2008, the price of gas would be over $4 a gallon and that the country still wouldn't have an energy policy based on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, I would have said, "Are you kidding? I just read the latest issue of Popular Science, and by the turn of the century Americans will all be riding in electric cars."

If you had told me 40 years ago that marijuana would still be illegal in 2008 and that over a third of our prison population would be in jail not because they hurt anyone but merely because they possessed drugs, I would have said, "Nah, by the turn of the century, even the most conservative stiffs will wake up and realize that making drugs illegal is a huge mistake."

If you had told me 40 years ago that 47 million Americans would not have health insurance in 2008 and that the accumulated debt on their medical bills would be the leading cause of bankruptcy, I would have said, "Americans are compassionate people. That could never happen."

If you had told me 40 years ago that the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 would be stolen by the Republicans courtesy of the Supreme Court and Diebold, I would have said, "Nonsense! The Democratic Party would never stand for that!"

I could go on, of course, but you get the idea. So maybe I was a dreamer 40 years ago. Then again, my generation didn't exactly live up to expectations. So what's next for baby boomers? What's next for America? If Camus thought the 20th Century was an age of conformity, imagine what he would say about the 21st Century!

Lucky for us, no one reads Camus anymore. After all, he was French… and an intellectual… and a left-wing radical; everything Americans despise and distrust. They would never have a beer (much less a glass of wine) with someone like Camus. Americans like regular guys, like George W. Bush and John McCain.

John F. Miglio can be reached at: onreview@comcast.net

A link to the original piece

Friday, August 22, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

daughter and i woke up late on the 4th-decided to skip the parade. guess we're both getting older. :(

going to the parade is not as fun with a gal who goes just for tradition. i miss the little girl excited about thrown candy and firetrucks!

sat up close to the fireworks. we both still had to see those. they were great!

found my mp3 player! can't do my job checking other's data entry without my music! especially when the school stations are dead in summer.

had a fun day yesterday-wanted to say, "thank you mistress god, may i have another?" but god would probably put on leather and gave me more! joshuabelanger - @OlderMusicGeek 100% agree!

@shannonhilson and @tweelings_en - i cant get enough flogging molly - especially the cd, "swagger" - they come here next month - wooooo!

@joshuabelanger - i found most good artists of any type tend to be dicks - look at hemingway, john "johnny rotten" lydon, andy kaufman.

there are a few nice ones - but they're the exceptions unfortunately. seems you have to think highly of yourself to make it far. joshuabelanger - Watched a doc on Dali today. I was unaware of how much of a pretentious dick he was. And the dada movement wasnt as fun as it looked.

a last bit from the arts festival. i was embarassing my daughter when we were there. i felt people should get excited about art like sports.

was shouting things like "whoo arts festival!", "yes, black and white photography!", "all right, wired sculpture", "whoo hoo, mixed media!"

i even suggested we paint the letters a-r-t on our chest and do the wave. "yeah, art, all ri-i-i-ight!!!!!!!!!

@sushiday - god, you're torturing me with that banana bread description!

@sushiday - if you get more eyeaches that turn to headaches, you might want to see a doctor. it's probably nothing, but then again...

@sushiday - (in homer voice with drool running out of my mouth) hmmm, banana bread with chocolate chips! want to send some my way? sushiday - @OlderMusicGeek Oh yes, it's wonderful. An ooey gooey mess of chocolatey banana deliciousness! Mmmmmm... banana bread...

shannonhilson - Flogging Molly, where have you been all my life? Nothing beats discovering a new band to love.
sushiday - Making banana bread with chocolate chips... mmm it smells good!

@killregrets - that movie night idea still sounds like a blast!

@juice_brianne -didnt eat at the arts festival! we just went to quik trip. got sandwich, chips, drinks for 3 for price of 1or 2 items there.

the arts festival was fun and interesting-saw an all white band play west african drums and a cajun band from st louis!

and i finally saw a local bluegrass band, mr baber's neighbors, that i have been wanting to see. and they are good!

oh, yeah, i also quite a few purty pictures!

2 hours into the arts festival - my tween daughter's friend says, "it's only art here!"
@jmcoon - you used wal-mart as a reason to get out of your house?!

@juice_brianne - you're at the arts festival too! are you hiding from me and my daughter?! :)

taking my tween daughter and a friend of hers to the arts festival in town. i hope i get to see what i want to see!

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"MUSIC: Certain Songs: The Clash - Safe European Home" on OlderMusicGeek's Stupid Entertainment Stuff

Monday, August 18, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: Some Of My Favorite "Tweets" From Twitter

Felicia Day feliciaday OMG. Ok, I won't link anything else today, I promise. But this...... http://tinyurl.com/5sp2rf is the weirdest thing I've seen in a while.

Mike@Ghoulash Ghoulash How about "Marvel Muppets"? You could have Cookie America, the Letter-X-Men, Iron Monster, Fantastic 1-2-3-4, Big Spider and Hulkleupagus.

marcel46 marcel46 Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

tarawood tarawood My face hurts:) he gives good hugs.

Doctor Anonymous doctoranonymous What's the geek factor if one refers to spouse with Twitter name?

Randy Caldwell misterperturbed Why hello there giant spider-varmint. Have you been exposed to photographic chemicals & wanna give me super powers? Wait where are you goin?

Joel Falconer jfalconer @msaleem As sick as that is, I think I'm going to be laughing for at least half an hour.

Muhammad Saleem msaleem Really surprised me that Hancock is homophobic. I mean, especially after a name like that, sheesh. Get your act together man...

Clint Harvey scHarvey sun burned, sore muscles, exhausted brain... yep, it was a good weekend at #8035

Christie daxazo The church smells weird today.

Dan OlderMusicGeek OlderMusicGeek @sushiday - god, you're torturing me with that banana bread description!
tweelings [en] tweelings_en HATE> I hate it when people just fall off the face of the planet. http://tinyurl.com/65xyb5

Allison Day sushiday @OlderMusicGeek Oh yes, it's wonderful. An ooey gooey mess of chocolatey banana deliciousness! Mmmmmm... banana bread...

Dan OlderMusicGeek OlderMusicGeek @sushiday - (in homer voice with drool running out of my mouth) hmmm, banana bread with chocolate chips! want to send some my way?
Shannon Hilson shannonhilson Flogging Molly, where have you been all my life? Nothing beats discovering a new band to love.
Allison Day sushiday Making banana bread with chocolate chips... mmm it smells good!
Clark Kent, reporter ClarkKentPlanet I found this site, http://www.zod2008.com/. I don't think it's very funny! That's just sick!
Dan OlderMusicGeek OlderMusicGeek @ilovealgebra - are you excited about the trees? or do you have a phobia of trees?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

Dan OlderMusicGeek awww, newborns are so freaking cute! still, i can't believe there are TWO generations after me now! i feel so old!
Dan OlderMusicGeek i'm a great uncle! well, i think i was always a pretty good uncle. but my neice had a baby! yay!...but ugh-means old enough to be a grandpa!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @killregrets - congrats on the nephew!
Dan OlderMusicGeek if you get a car, don't trust jack on arthur street just off s.e. 14th st in des moines - he promised to fix a leak if i paid an extra $100
Dan OlderMusicGeek i've taken the car back 3 times - now he claims the leak is from a different spot!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @puppyl0ve - i want to know how they keep their workstation so neat and clean. does anybody really use that one in the picture!
Dan OlderMusicGeek here's the work station that i was talking about - http://www.burntware.com/se...
Dan OlderMusicGeek haven't had the car last 3 days and have been late each day! ugh! at least getting exercise walking to and from work! 25 minutes each way!
Dan OlderMusicGeek yay! my car is supposably fixed. let's hope the third time is a charm. stupid guy was suppose to fix it before i bought it!
Dan OlderMusicGeek ugh, my zune software doesn't see my zune hardware! i need new tunes! t
Dan OlderMusicGeek @killregrets - i agree 30 gigs isn't enough! but i dont change my music more, cus it's too much work! but 2-4 weeks, i need new music!
Dan OlderMusicGeek the two high school radio stations i listen to are gone for the summer!-and how do i get bored with 5000 songs on my mp3 player in 2 weeks!
Dan OlderMusicGeek when i have the two stations, i can last 4 weeks before changing the music!
Dan OlderMusicGeek bye, george - http://tinyurl.com/63ccnk - wish i stayed in touch better!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @angryasianguy - on the movie or massage question, i would say it depends on if your mind or body needs more relaxing.
Dan OlderMusicGeek stupid cat! doesn't she know it's the weekend?! what was she doing waking me at 6:30 to get fed?!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @amandaadams -i don't know about hot flashes, but the 25 pounds i've put on in the last year i can without. be nice if i wasn't balding too!
Dan OlderMusicGeek daughter bought clue with b-day money. she lost pieces for her simpson version. now losing pieces to her new game, making a weird mix
Dan OlderMusicGeek i love clue games missing pieces. then you have the white king with a thumbtack in the kitchen or frodo with an eraser in the study!
Dan OlderMusicGeek news said fbi wanted to send a message when they arrested those mortgage fraud people. okay...so why did it take until the economy went bad?
Dan OlderMusicGeek @angryasianguy - yeah, hot is wrong! would never call a co-worker -even one my own age -hot. not that they aren't! okay, i'm digging a hole!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @jmcoon - everybody has bitchy family members! remember the bird in the lion king - afraid every family has one, sire!
Dan OlderMusicGeek damn! now i have the powerpuff girls them stuck in my head! blossom, commander and the leader...fighting crimes, trying to save the world...
Dan OlderMusicGeek my daughter had a friend over last night -although i have work - cus her dad was going out. i woke to find them on the floor, not the couch!
Dan OlderMusicGeek turns out they were kicking and bumping each other on the couch, so the friend went to the floor. then my daughter rolled off in her sleep!
Dan OlderMusicGeek oh, in case anyone is wondering, i slept well the last two nights!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @amandaadams - about the slumber party - this is why you only have one kid!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @angryasianguy - now you and killregrets have made me self-conscious about telling younger co-workers if they are looking nice that day!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @quietrevolution - thanks for the link to the mars pic. they're great-used one as my home and work desktop!
Dan OlderMusicGeek here's the link to the mars pics - http://tinyurl.com/5fqogm

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