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Saturday, August 26, 2006

CULTURE/SOCIETY: Identity Crisis! Oh My God! I'm Not a Nerd or a Geek!

I just don't know how to deal with this. But I've taken various tests on nerdy or geeky I am. Yahoo, in fact, recently listed a bunch. And I don't come up very high!

Now obviously, most people would come away with this noise with great rejoice.
But I was a big social reject in high school. And it took me a while to come to terms with who I was and with what I thought was my nerdity. I decided I didn't care what people think - I wanted to read comicbooks and science fiction and listen to punk rock and new wave (which was radical in the midwest in the early 80s!).

I even went to my high school class's 5th reunion just to come to terms with my supposed nerdity.

Now I find I'm not even a nerd! I'm just some weird social reject of an undefined nature. I don't know - maybe I dealt with my nerdity too well.

But now I don't know what I am.

If you have any ideas out there, I love to hear it. What the heck am I? Certainly not a yuppie! What am I?! WHAT AM I?!?! WHAT - FOR GOD'S SAKE - AM I?!?!?!

Your Geek Profile:
Academic Geekiness: High
Music Geekiness: High
Fashion Geekiness: Moderate
Geekiness in Love: Low
Movie Geekiness: Low
SciFi Geekiness: Low
Gamer Geekiness: None
General Geekiness: None
Internet Geekiness: None

Are you a nerd or a geek? - You are a partial nerd! You do slightly nerdy things, but you don't go too far with it. But sometimes, you just need to wear a bow tie that was picked out by your mother and buy some Pokemon cards!


You scored 75 variable 1!You're okay. You're my type of person. We could talk.
By the way, this tag is from Badali Jewelry. They were kind enough to give me permission to use their tags.
Link: The Well-Rounded Geek Test written by ceruleanl on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

I am nerdier than 20% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!Your nerdiness is: Not nerdy, but definitely not hip

Nerd Purity Test - I'm only 24% Nerd on this test and have my Weirdness Factor is only 16%. The average for most people is 26.2% Nerd.

Geek Purity Test - I'm only 14.7% Geek on this test and my Weirdness Factor is only 10%! The average is 19.9% Geek.

Some interesting questions though...
Is your desk a mess?
Do you have empty soda cans all around you?
Do you stay up into the wee hours of the morning?
Is your room messier before an earthquake?
Do you shower less than once a week?
-- twice a week?
-- every other day?
-- every day?
-- multiple times a day?
Do you change your underwear less than once a week?
-- less than twice?
-- every other day?
-- every day?
Do you comb your hair?
Do you change your sheets less than once a month?
-- less than twice?
-- every week?
Have you worn one pair of clothes all week?
-- month?
-- year!?
Have you put on deodorant less than once in the past month?
-- less than twice?
-- less than every week?
-- less than every day?
Do you eat your boogers?
Do you hawk loogies?
Do you blow 'snot-rockets'?
Do you adjust yourself in public?
Do you try to make farts really loud?
Have you ever lit a fart in the intent to make a flame thrower?
-- did it work?
Do you piss all over toilet seats in public places?
-- at home?
Do you not flush the toilet when you use it?
Does your sink have crusty plates and dishes in it?
-- are they older than a week old?
Do you leave the floss in the sink when your done?
Do you wipe your boogers on your clothes?
Do you want to get married?
Do you make rude and disgusting noises in bed for your own enjoyment?
Do you read literature while on the throne?

The Nerdity Test - My Nerdity Quotient is 11.6%. The average is 32.4. That makes me a mere Nerd-In-Training. Not even a Nerd Wannabe.

0 - 20.99Nerd-in-Training
21 - 35.99Nerd-wannabe
36 - 50.99Closet nerd
51 - 60.99Your social life needs some serious help
61 - 70.99YOU need some serious help
71 - 80.99Your best friend is a microchip
81 - 90.99"Revenge of the Nerds" poster-child
91 - 99.99Move over, Einstein
100Hail, O Nerd Master, virgin sliderules I sacrifice unto you

It also has some interesting questions...
Have you ever read an encyclopedia entry that you weren't researching?
Have you ever wanted to know something for no apparent reason?
Have you ever been laughed at for wanting to know something?
Can you program the time on a VCR?
Has anyone ever asked you to program their VCR time for them?
Can you whistle, hum, sing or snap the theme songs to...
...Gilligan's Island?
...The Brady Bunch?
...The Jetson's?
...The Addam's Family?
...I Dream of Jeannie?
Have you ever seen any of the "Revenge of The Nerd" movies more than once?
Have you seen all of the Star Wars movies?
...in one 24 hour period?
Do you refer to the various "Treks" as "TOS" (The Original Series), "TNG" (The Next Generation) and "DS9" (Deep Space 9) or similar?
Have you ever argued with someone over which "Trek" is better?
Have you ever argued over who was a better commander of the Enterprise?
Do you have acne?
Do you have greasy hair?
...without realizing it?
Have you ever worn a button-down shirt and left the tails hanging out?
Have you ever eaten pizza cold?
...do you like it that way?
...because you're too lazy to reheat it?
Do you talk to yourself?
...when other people are around?
...do they talk back?
...do they seem to be more/less intelligent than you?
Mark this true if you did NOT go to your senior prom.
Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life/existence of God?
...while not drunk?
...while alone?
Have you ever found a grammatical error in a published book?
Have you ever given an inanimate object a name?
Was the object something electronic or mechanical?
Did the object also have a "personality"?

The Innergeek Geek Test - 20.51282% (which qualifies me as a geek, but not a strong one)
+ Geekish Tendencies......................≥09%
++ Geek.............................................≥15%
+++ Total Geek................................≥25%
++++ Major Geek............................≥35%
+++++ Super Geek..........................≥45%
++++++ Extreme Geek..................≥55%
+++++++ Geek God........................≥65%
+++++++! Dysfunctional Geek......≥75%

The Compleat Geek Test - I was pretty much tied between normal and mostly normal - with only one answer in the geek category!

Mostly A's: You're normal. Boring Boring Boring. You're the sort of person who'll just fritter their way thru life enjoying themselves and having a good time. Shame on you!

Mostly B's: You're mostly normal. Nothing a little ECT can't clear away in any case. You almost make it into the "Mostly A's" above.

Mostly C's: Geek Alert! Break out the pocket protector! With a set of horn rims and a pocket calculator, you're ready for Revenge Part #72. You can be the person that gets beat up all the time.

Mostly D's: So you're a socipath; But that doesn't mean you're a bad person! Just keep taking the Lithium and everything'll be fine.

The Unofficial 250 Question Purdue University Nerdity Examination
Computer Experience: 14%
Math Experience - wait, I'm sorry, Mathematical Experience - 18%
Science Experience - 16%
Nerd Culture (did a little better here) - 36%
Nerd Sex (not saying what I answered yes to!) - 18%
Average - 20%

God, I'm not a real nerd. I just live the Nerd Culture!

Some questions from the test -
24) Have you ever defeated a computer virus (cleaned out your system with no data loss and little loss of time)?
25) Do you collect viruses?
26) Have you ever infected another computer with a virus intentionally?
27) Have you ever written a computer virus?
28) Was it for profit?
29) Have you ever been AT A LOSS for storage space on your hard drive?
43) Have you ever thrown out an algorithm because it took more time than another algorithm?
44) Have you ever thrown out an algorithm because it used more memory than another algorithm?
45) Have you ever worried about dirty electricity (yes this is a legitimate question; we have this problem in Chicago.)
72) Can you count to more than 1000 on two hands?
76) Can you calculate sales tax in your head?
77) Do you know how to add the numbers 1, 2, 3, ... 100 in less than one minute using just a paper and pencil?
86) Do you know the first seven Prime Numbers?
105) Did you ever make illegal substances (explosives, drugs, etc.) with a chemistry set?
143) Have you ever had an experiment catch fire or explode on you?
149) Have you ever been the target of a political group because of your experiments (i.e.- Operation Rescue, Animal Liberation Front, Mad Mothers Against Socially Unacceptable Physicists, etc.)
152) Have you ever been told to leave a party for reasons other than obnoxious behavior?
156) Have you ever read "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"?
157) Have you read the entire trilogy (all five books)?
158) Have you ever seen an episode of Star Trek?
159) Dr. Who?
160) Star Trek: The Next Generation?
161) Blake's Seven?
162) Deep Space Nine?
163) Kung Fu: The Legend Continues?
191) Have you ever made a technical joke?
192) Did nobody get it?
199) Have people ever winced when they heard your major, field of study or occupation?
200) Have you ever taken a nerdity test?
205) Have you ever had sex with two or more nerds in a 24 hour period?
206) Have you ever had sex with a nerd to the point of orgasm?
207) Have you ever had sex with a nerd to the point of mutual orgasm?
208) Have you ever had sex with the same nerd more than once in a 24 hour period or had one session of sex which lasted for three hours or three orgasms, whichever came first?
210) Have you ever had a steady relationship with more than one nerd at a time, such that neither knew (or so you believed)?
216) Have you ever worn any of the items in glasses, dress slacks, or a shirt with equations, a picture of a scientist, mathematician or computer scientist on the front in order to seduce someone?
217) Have you ever tried to pick someone up by reciting Pi?
234) Have you ever gotten turned on by a biology textbook?
235) Have you ever turned someone else on by reading them sections from a biology textbook?
240) Have you ever made love in a chemistry lab?
241) a physics lab?
242) a biology lab?
243) a computer lab?
244) Have you ever picked someone up in one of the labs mentioned in 240-3 while class was in session?
245) Have you ever petted or made out with someone in one of the labs mentioned in 240-3 while class was in session?
247) Did you do any of 240-6 and still get your work done in time?
250) Have you ever offered to help someone out in math, science or computer science in order to pick them up?

You know - after re-reading some of these questions, I think that losing my identity as a nerd might be a pretty good thing!

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