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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ENTERTAINMENT - And Vinyly Presses Your Ashes Into Vinyl When You Die

by Olivia Solon/Wired UK

Music lovers can now be immortalised when they die by having their ashes baked into vinyl records to leave behind for loved ones.

A UK company called And Vinyly is offering people the chance to press their ashes in a vinyl recording of their own voice, their favourite tunes or their last will and testament. Minimalist audiophiles might want to go for the simple option of having no tunes or voiceover, and simply pressing the ashes into the vinyl to result in pops and crackles.

How does it work? The process of setting human ashes into vinyl involves a very understanding pressing plant. Basically the ashes must be sprinkled onto the raw piece of vinyl (known as a “biscuit” or “puck”) before it is pressed by the plates. This means that when the plates exert their pressure on the vinyl in order to create the grooves, the ashes are pressed into the record.

And Vinyly also offers personalised RIV (Rest In Vinyl) artwork — the simple version just carries your name and your life span, or you can have your portrait painted by artist James Hague, using your ashes mixed into the paint.


HUMOR - Star Wars and breasts!

HUMOR - A magazine we need!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

HUMOR - What am I? What am I?

HUMOR - Bitman Begins

CULTURE/SOCIETY - Turnabout is fair play?

CULTURE/SOCIETY - Everything You Know About St. Patrick's Day Is Wrong


By christine-dalton

St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us! Typically, we associate the holiday with drinking, drinking, and drinking. Oh, and being Irish.

But there's a lot more to St. Patrick's Day than most people know. Truthfully, you've probably been living a lie. When you learn all the facts, this holiday actually kind of... sucks.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but here are 10 brutally honest facts about St. Patrick's Day.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


This hour: Radiolab stares down the very moment of passing, and speculates about what may lie beyond.

What happens at the moment when we slip from life...to the other side? Is it a moment? If it is, when exactly does it happen? And what happens afterward? It's a show of questions that don't have easy answers. So, in a slight departure from our regular format, we bring you eleven meditations on how, when, and even if we die.


ENTERTAINMENT - This Was Discovered in the Middle of the Egyptian Desert. … And It’s Stranger Than You Could Imagine.

If you ever happen to be wandering through the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, you may come across a surreal sight that’ll leave you scratching your head. It might even make you question your sanity. Or theirs.

Hundreds of movie theater seats sit at the bottom of a random mountain range, as if they were dropped in the middle of the Egyptian desert. They aren’t a mirage or art installation, and Estonian photographer, Kaupo Kikkas, has proof. It’s simply one of the most random outdoor theaters in existence: The End of the World Cinema.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

CULTURE/SOCIETY: Report: Mom’s Got Her Thing Tonight

BLOOMFIELD, MI—Noting that she had left earlier and would probably be gone for most of the evening, household sources confirmed Wednesday that local mother Diane Walsh has got her thing tonight.

According to Walsh family members, this is the same thing that Mom had mentioned something about at breakfast yesterday. Several reports also indicated that Mom usually goes to the thing with her friends from high school or maybe those ones from work.

“She’s usually there for a few hours,” said daughter Christina Walsh, 15, adding that tonight’s thing is definitely different from that other thing she does once in a while. “It’s at the community center or YMCA or something like that.”


MY LIFE - Crackling "Hehehe" is apparently frowned upon too!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

HUMOR - How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse


It’s the end of the world as we know it.

In early 2014, a series of devastating catastrophes bring about Armageddon. Papers of record like the New York Times soberly report this news.

The Guardian tries to provide comprehensive live coverage of the end of days.

Of course, there’s still plenty of celebrity news to keep people occupied.

Others look for a positive message amidst the gloom.

…and naturally, NPR goes on a pledge drive.

MY LIFE: My dog getting to know me too well!

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