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Monday, August 14, 2006

ENTERTAINMENT and CULTURE/SOCIETY: A Female's Unhappy Experience in Comicbookdom

I found this blog on MySpace.com. I felt the writer made some valid points, although I wouldn't have put them as harshly as she had. But then again I don't have smelly women pressing up on me at conventions, so it's easier for me to judge less harshly.

But as I said, she has some valid points.

Self professed geek.....

I will be the first to admit that I love comic books. I own hundreds of them and I own rare stuff. I love animation, science fiction, horror. What chills me to the very core is the classification you are lumped into once you have admitted this fact. What separates me from the fat, masturbating freaks that refuse to shower?

There is yet another convention coming up, and I feel I need to vent on what has been my experience many times before. On walking in and getting in line, you can see a vast expanse of the lowest form of humanity. I associate comics with intelligence, the writers (very old stuff) way ahead of their time, and most readers seem to have a very good vocabulary which I assume is from seeing the words on print. But who are these other ones? Where do they hibernate all these months before stuffing themselves into a Star Wars costume and venturing out into the world? And why on earth do they refuse to bathe?

I am usually very sore after one of these events. I know it is from being pushed out of the way by these obsessive idiots who believe that their very life depends on the purchase of issue #1 of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Then there are those who stare..and stare..and stare "is that a real girl?". I have never seen such crude attempts at "brushing up against me" by "accident". I always have to change my shirt when I leave because it actually SMELLS of the body odor of others! This time I am bringing another shirt and taking it right off in the truck.

I used to wonder why all the costumes. This is the first time I have actually read the postcard I receive in the mail that says there is a costume contest. But still "Rainbow Bright?" And I have seen some storm troopers that really need to lay off the donuts.

I wonder why they stare so much. Maybe it is because I have an odd face and dots for eyes, or my comical boobs, or the fact that I am really short, maybe they think I am some sort of faerie.

None of this is enough to make me stop going, and spending. And I know there will be no Obergiest..there never is and I always look. I will buy the usual overpriced Weird War Tales, Mens' Adventure, and wrestling mags. And smell like moth balls and geek all the way home. Hey, maybe this time someone really hot will bump into me. I guess I can always hold on to hope.

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