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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

CULTURE/SOCIETY: A Wonderful Christmas Story from a Wiccan

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Monday, December 11, 2006
doing a good deed

Okay, I wrote a letter to a local radio station that grants Christmas wishes. I wrote about my daughter's friend who was in foster care and when she aged out her foster parents kicked her out. She moved about for a couple weeks and then one day needed a ride to work (she can't drive due to an eye condition). I took her to work and from there she just kind of moved in. She stayed with us most of the summer and walked to work in 98 degree weather 6 miles to get to work. I would pick her up at night.

I had her save her money all summer and by mid August we were ready to apartment hunt. We looked at some terrible places and in some bad neighborhoods. One place we looked at was really cheap. I found out why. It was horrible. I took one look and looked at the girls and said, "get in the car." We finally found a wonderful apartment in a renovated house. It was very cute and I saw lots of potential. We got to paint it before she moved in. It was great. September first she officially moved in and I remember her first night we left her there she was crying and hugging my daughter. I understand what it is like to be young and on your own for the first time. It is scary. I told her we were not far away and she is still a part of our family. Since then she is doing much better and not so scared.

Anyway, I wrote a letter because she desperately needs an eye exam and new glasses and I know that is not in her budget right now. I also wished she could have a recliner or loveseat to sit on besides my two lawn chairs or the floor. I wrote about all she had been through and how hard she is working to be successful but there were still things she could use some help with.

The radio station called me and said they were going to get her that eye exam and glasses, a gift certificate to the mall for work clothes and a limo to drive her there since she doesn't drive. Also, she got her choice of a loveseat or recliner. They weren't done yet. They also got her a one year bus pass since she rides the public bus to and from work! I was speechless! I was so happy they were doing all this for her!

Today was the first of the gifts. I picked her up and took her to lunch (chinese). We went to the furniture store and the lady said we had 400.00 to work with. We found a loveseat that was also a double recliner. It was very soft (microfiber) and in the price range. The lady who was helping us said that she wanted to accessorize the loveseat. She gathered three decorative throw pillows, a silk sofa shawl, three picture frames and a small table with four shelves and wicker baskets on the shelves! I was blown away by her generosity! I kept thanking her and Daniell who is rather timid and shy was staring wide eyed at everything. She wispered to me at one point, "This is more than we were suppose to get." I wispered back, "Just go with it!" The radio station sent over some people to load it all in a van and take it to her apartment. They carried it up the stairs and set it up for her. They took some pictures and we shook their hands and thanked them. It was so great all they did to make her Christmas. I am so happy for her. I love her like another daughter and no one I could think of deserves this more than she.

Next stop is the mall and eye doctor. She has an appointment on January 7th and my daughter and I get to go with her in the limo to the mall! I want to be there for her eye appointment and hear what the doctor has to say. I'm so happy for her! She laughed at me and said, "You're so giddy I think you are more excited than I am." I said, "No, I just show my emotions more than most people." She laughed at me and gave me a big hug and said thanks for making her Christmas so special. It was worth it just to see the smile on her face and the look in her eyes. She just kept saying, "WOW."

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