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Sunday, August 19, 2007

HUMOR and CULTURE/SOCIETY: Sloganizing Names

Got this bulletin from my internet friend, Fanyu, on MySpace. (She just got married, so if you use the link, tell her congratulations! Don't tell her how you know though - let's confuse her royally! :) ) Found it humorous enough to pass on. You get a good one, feel free to leave it in the comments. :) - OlderMusicGeek.

Go to this site & enter your name in the box & hit the Sloganize button. DON'T CHEAT, KEEP THE FIRST ONE THEY GIVE YOU.


1. Ben- "Better ingredients, better Ben."
2. Laura-"Aaahh, Laura!"
3. Gary - "Nobody Better Lay a Finger on my Gary." beat that!
4. biscuit- "Happiness is a cigar called biscuit"
5. Diana - "Leave the Diana To Us"
6. Avery - "Every Avery Helps!"
7. Hunter- "Your Flexible Hunter"
8. Tommy- "Yo Quiero Tommy"
9. Jenna- "The Jenna Breakfast" ehh?
10.Isaac-''The Isaac That Likes To Yes''
11.Allison- "Get Allison or Get Out." ha ha ha.
12. Jackie- "I'm stuck on Jackie, cuz Jackie's stuck on me!"
13. MAKAYLA-"the best part of waking up is makayla in your cup."o yeaa
14. Justin- "A Day Without Justin is Like a Day Without Sunshine" so true..
15. Cady- "cady...its whats for dinner." ..............what?!=o
16.Michelle-©its michelle time©
17.Bryce-"More Than Just a Bryce".
18. Hallie- " Oh, no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was hallie that killed the beast."
19.Greg- for our members were the fourth emergancy greg
20.Maddie-"If You Like A Lot of Chocolate on Your Maddie, Join Our Club." wtf?
21.Joe-A Day without Joe is a day without sunshine....they have no idea who i am do they =P
22. Grant- Making grant taste better
23.Savannnahh---> OBey your Savannah
24. DANI3LL3 :) -- the coolest danielle on ice.
25. katelyn (: ----> soulmate name predictor hahhha
26.taylor-- TAYLOR WANTED =)
27.courtney--> where's the courtney? [:
28. lauren--> see the face you love light up with lauren. (=
29. Alyssa - "A Finger of Alyssa is Enough to Give Your Kids a Treat" ahahahah ewwwwww haha why do I get the perverted michael jackson slogan?? :(
OLiViA __ With A Name Like Olivia, It Has To Be Good.
31. Diana - "Diana Tested, Mother Aprroved" lol (= ! ♥
32. kim - "do you eat the kim last?"♥
34. Terry- "What can Terry do for you?!"
35. Jenna- "I'm stuck on jenna,cus jenna's stuck on me" lol
36. Laura - "It's different in a Laura" geesh..
37.rebekah- happiness is rebekah-shaped
38. steph- "got stephanie?" HAHA LMAO.
39.megan - more megan please!
40. addie- "yo quiero addie" :)
41.lindsay- "you cant handle the lindsay!" score!!!
42. julie- "a boys best friend is his julie"
43.jake-- takes a jake but it keeps on ticking
44.CHElSEA-"CHElSEA iS G00d F0R Y0U"
45. Alex-lmao- "Alex- It looks good on you"...lmao
46. Shannon- "You've Always Got Time For Shannon."
47. kristina ♥ - "unzip a kristina"
48. Nicole - "That's Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Nicole." hahaa
49. jessicaa*: "Nothing Sucks Like A Jessica!" [ lmfao ouchh ]
50 James--I Wish I Had A James Weiner
51.alyssa--You'd look so much better with some alyssa .. [ wtf ]
52.Christopher-You'll wonder were all the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Christopher!
53. Bob- When it absolutely, positively has to be Bob overnight.
54. Alison - Which twin has the Alison? (funny, I am a twin)
55. Samantha--Dont get Mad, get Samantha (i'll take care of it.)
56. Michele- Life Should Taste As Good As Michele (Agreed.)
57. Leland- Better Ingredients, Better Leland. ( damn straight)
58. Krystie - Do the Krystie.
59. Michelle- Fall into the michelle.
60. Jacie -Things Happen After a Jacie. =D
61. Claire- Snap into a slim claire. ? gahaha.
62.marissa-So easy no wander Marissa is # 1
63. marcie-Good Marcie has danish written all over it =]
64. Brandon - Promised her anything, But gave her Brandon =]]]]]]]]]]
65.ashley-your in good hands with ashley =)
66. lmao jess -- CLUNK ClICK EVERY JESS :]
67.jordan-we bring jordan to life
68. kay- wear kay
69. nicole- There's First Love, and There's Nicole Love.
70. Does the hard tim for you??????/ what the fuck does that mean
71. Ashley - Ashley prevents that sinking feeling. haha
72. Krista- Their's more then one way to eat a Krista. ewww lol
23. Elizabeth- whatever you're into, get into Elizabeth. . haha i'm not a hoe. . .but this shit is madd funny.
70:dale-Bet You Can't Eat Dale.
71.Margaret- Don't You Just Love Being In Margaret?-ahahahahahaha, weirrrrrd.
72.Roxxi-There's no Wrong Way to Eat a Roxxi.
73. Howie - He Who Thinks Howie Drinks Howie.
74. Krys - "Just One Krys - Give It To Me!" LMFAOOAAHAKHKLFsdgldsgThat's
75.Stephaniee - Handy, Harry! Stick It In The Stephanie.
76. KELSIE- "it takes a tough man to make a tender Kelsie
77.SAM-"with a name like sam,it has to be good"-lmfao
78-marissa- A glass and a half in every Marissa
80. luke-"The Future is near. The future is Luke" and "Break me off a piece of that luke" no one can beat them!
81. Do the Anna
82.) Emily - "Get Serious. Get Emily" Haha ;)
83) What can Janean do for you?
85) Cindy- Life Should Taste as good as Cynthia. HAHAHA
86) There's more than one way to eat an Amanda
87) I scream,you scream, we all scream for Dave! mmm-hmmm...
88) "When you've got Nikki, flaunt it!"
89) And all because the lady loves OlderMusicGeek

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