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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: Even Mother Nature Got in on the Act

This is from me, not reprinted from somewhere else. - OlderMusicGeek.

Well, it was April Fool's Day, so every one was a comedian.

Including, it turns out, Mother freakin' Nature!

Went outside a little early, just in case I had to scrape off my car windows - even though, it's already April 1st! We've been in a long cold spell here in the midwest!

But I guess covering our car windows with frost wasn't enough for Ma Nature on April 1st. No, she had to add freakin' snow!

Snow! In April! What's freakin' next? Another April snowstorm?! (Picture of snow in my hometown this morning was stolen from the State 29 blog.)

And I'm not pulling a prank here. A snowstorm really did once hit my home state in April!

From the KCRG-TV website...
Wednesday's Snow Compared to History
By Josh Baynes, KCRG-TV9 Meteorologist
By Josh Baynes
Story Created: Feb 6, 2008
Story Updated: Feb 7, 2008
After today's heavy snowfall, you might be wondering how this compares to history. April 8-10, 1973 might come to mind, the Blizzard of '73. During that snowstorm, Cedar Rapids received 14.5" according to the Iowa State Climatologist, Harry Hillaker.
Iowa City: April 8-10, 1973 - 14.3"
Dubuque: Apr. 8-10, 1973 - 19.2"

From NewspaperArchives.com....
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Monday, April 09, 1973
Record Snowfall Blankets Iowa City Area
By M. JOANNE B BUEGGER Of the Press Citizen
The severe storm that immobilized most of Iowa had dumped 10 inches of snow on Iowa City by noon today, bringing its share of emergencies, accidents and outages, but no serious injuries were reported. The record-breaking snowfall resulted in numerous highway accidents, including a Greyhound bus bound from Omaha to Chicago...

From Cases.com...
Showing my age, but I remember walking over the tops of people's houses. I was in high school in Iowa. April 9, 1973 - a severe late season snowstorm was in progress across Iowa, southeastern Minnesota, northern Illinois, and southern Wisconsin. Wind gusts to 70 mph whipped the snow into 16 foot drifts in Iowa. 10 to 20 inches of snow was common with 20 inches falling at Grand Meadow, Minnesota and 19.4 inches piling up at Dubuque, Iowa.
"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible" - Frank Zappa
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I know The Rocky Mountain folks and the Canucks are thinking I'm a wimp, cus I'm sure they take April snow and snowstorms in stride.

But this is exactly why I'll never move to The Rockies - or despite Canada's "legalized same-sex marriage, universal health care, and not being taken as a joke internationally" - I'll never move there either! I know no matter how crappy our weather is, there's is 10 times worst!

I already told my daughter that if she moves away after she has grown, she'll have to go the American southwest to visit me!

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