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Monday, June 30, 2008


I got this from a blog by a writer of the weekly supplement for our local newspaper. Clear? - OlderMusicGeek

Extras in your life movie by Brianne Sanchez
June 20th, 2008 9:49 am

Do you ever feel like there are people around town who star as “extras” in your life, if it was a movie? After being here a year, there are certain people who I see ALL THE TIME, but have no idea who they are. Sometimes, I will see the same guy wearing the same plaid shorts five times in one day, and then — still wearing the shorts — again the next. There are other people who I recognize, but can’t quite place. So, I do the socially awkward thing and stare at them for awhile.

I wish I knew their names and stories, but for now I’ll just credit them as “guy with plastic bag,” “Old lady with gray cornrows who rides her bike with a giant basket all over the place and is always wearing spandex shorts.”

Makes it feel like Stars Hollow.

One Response to “Extras in your life movie”
On June 20th, 2008 at 3:20 pm OlderMusicGeek said:

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I always called the no-name people, just because I didn’t know their names. But I’d give names like the side characters on "The Simpsons" have. So instead “squeaky voiced teen”, there’s “guy with the big bag”, “our dustbin digger”, “square dancing neighbor” who became “old lady next door” or when my daughter or I are mad at her, “rude old lady next door”. And there was “neighbor who calls me by my first name”. I go by my middle name and he got some mail with my first name on it, and I never bothered to correct him. - Yeah, I don’t know my neighbors name, it’s sad.

And when I didn’t have a car, there was of course the bus regulars, “lady always in a skirt” - even in the freezing cold, “lady who always complaining about something”, “kid playing his ipod too loud”, “sharp-dressed business man”, “substitute bus lady” - she drove the route one day a week and when our regular driver was gone for who knows what.

Maybe you should do a column or something and see what kind of extras other people have!

A link to the original piece
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A link to the weekly newspaper supplement

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