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Monday, July 21, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

Just more of my "tweets" from my Twitter page. - OlderMusicGeek

I swear the more I listen to the raveonettes, the more I like them! Been jamming and raving on jam-c(jesus and mary chain) and raveonettes! from web

work has blocked yahoo, twitter, blogger and wordpress. can't work on jack on work now! :( or read over half of the blogs i read!

it's impossible to read or write emails, tweets and blogs online. So I’m doing them on my thumb drive and downloading them later. :)
but we're not suppose to use thumb drives at work either! afraid we're download info that we shouldn't have.

If they ever stop us from using mp3 players, I’m out of here. It’s the only way I stay awake at work!
i'm sure they wouldn't like me charging my mp3 player through the computer either!
i was single, i could sleep through tornado watches. now as a parent, i sleep with the tv on and one ear open!

i got HIGH SPEED internet back. now only if i had time to use it!

funny thing is i got a lot more done when i didn't have it, but boy i got bored. but now i want to finish my to-do list!

my non-christian niece was valedictorian for a christian school. her speech did not quote the bible once. but it quoted the rolling stones!

my daughter couldn't find her glasses this morning! where did i find them? in the bag of chips she was eating from last night!

and i only saw the glasses, cus the bag was open - as usual - and i wanted to close it before the chips went stale!

i'm sorry, but having taught english for 6 1/2 years, i just have to ask - why do so many twitters spell great as g-r-a-t-e?

and yes, i know that question is ironic from someone who can't bother with capital letters!

star wars geeks out there, need to check r2d2's twitter page - http://twitter.com/r2d2.

i even put a copy of r2d2's twitter page-http://twitter.com/r2d2-on my entertainment blog-http://oldermusicgeekentert...

@juice_brianne yeah, judging comedy would be a bit scary and intimidating - but i still envy you and wish i could do it!

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