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Saturday, August 09, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

Dan OlderMusicGeek awww, newborns are so freaking cute! still, i can't believe there are TWO generations after me now! i feel so old!
Dan OlderMusicGeek i'm a great uncle! well, i think i was always a pretty good uncle. but my neice had a baby! yay!...but ugh-means old enough to be a grandpa!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @killregrets - congrats on the nephew!
Dan OlderMusicGeek if you get a car, don't trust jack on arthur street just off s.e. 14th st in des moines - he promised to fix a leak if i paid an extra $100
Dan OlderMusicGeek i've taken the car back 3 times - now he claims the leak is from a different spot!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @puppyl0ve - i want to know how they keep their workstation so neat and clean. does anybody really use that one in the picture!
Dan OlderMusicGeek here's the work station that i was talking about - http://www.burntware.com/se...
Dan OlderMusicGeek haven't had the car last 3 days and have been late each day! ugh! at least getting exercise walking to and from work! 25 minutes each way!
Dan OlderMusicGeek yay! my car is supposably fixed. let's hope the third time is a charm. stupid guy was suppose to fix it before i bought it!
Dan OlderMusicGeek ugh, my zune software doesn't see my zune hardware! i need new tunes! t
Dan OlderMusicGeek @killregrets - i agree 30 gigs isn't enough! but i dont change my music more, cus it's too much work! but 2-4 weeks, i need new music!
Dan OlderMusicGeek the two high school radio stations i listen to are gone for the summer!-and how do i get bored with 5000 songs on my mp3 player in 2 weeks!
Dan OlderMusicGeek when i have the two stations, i can last 4 weeks before changing the music!
Dan OlderMusicGeek bye, george - http://tinyurl.com/63ccnk - wish i stayed in touch better!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @angryasianguy - on the movie or massage question, i would say it depends on if your mind or body needs more relaxing.
Dan OlderMusicGeek stupid cat! doesn't she know it's the weekend?! what was she doing waking me at 6:30 to get fed?!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @amandaadams -i don't know about hot flashes, but the 25 pounds i've put on in the last year i can without. be nice if i wasn't balding too!
Dan OlderMusicGeek daughter bought clue with b-day money. she lost pieces for her simpson version. now losing pieces to her new game, making a weird mix
Dan OlderMusicGeek i love clue games missing pieces. then you have the white king with a thumbtack in the kitchen or frodo with an eraser in the study!
Dan OlderMusicGeek news said fbi wanted to send a message when they arrested those mortgage fraud people. okay...so why did it take until the economy went bad?
Dan OlderMusicGeek @angryasianguy - yeah, hot is wrong! would never call a co-worker -even one my own age -hot. not that they aren't! okay, i'm digging a hole!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @jmcoon - everybody has bitchy family members! remember the bird in the lion king - afraid every family has one, sire!
Dan OlderMusicGeek damn! now i have the powerpuff girls them stuck in my head! blossom, commander and the leader...fighting crimes, trying to save the world...
Dan OlderMusicGeek my daughter had a friend over last night -although i have work - cus her dad was going out. i woke to find them on the floor, not the couch!
Dan OlderMusicGeek turns out they were kicking and bumping each other on the couch, so the friend went to the floor. then my daughter rolled off in her sleep!
Dan OlderMusicGeek oh, in case anyone is wondering, i slept well the last two nights!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @amandaadams - about the slumber party - this is why you only have one kid!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @angryasianguy - now you and killregrets have made me self-conscious about telling younger co-workers if they are looking nice that day!
Dan OlderMusicGeek @quietrevolution - thanks for the link to the mars pic. they're great-used one as my home and work desktop!
Dan OlderMusicGeek here's the link to the mars pics - http://tinyurl.com/5fqogm

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