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Friday, August 22, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

daughter and i woke up late on the 4th-decided to skip the parade. guess we're both getting older. :(

going to the parade is not as fun with a gal who goes just for tradition. i miss the little girl excited about thrown candy and firetrucks!

sat up close to the fireworks. we both still had to see those. they were great!

found my mp3 player! can't do my job checking other's data entry without my music! especially when the school stations are dead in summer.

had a fun day yesterday-wanted to say, "thank you mistress god, may i have another?" but god would probably put on leather and gave me more! joshuabelanger - @OlderMusicGeek 100% agree!

@shannonhilson and @tweelings_en - i cant get enough flogging molly - especially the cd, "swagger" - they come here next month - wooooo!

@joshuabelanger - i found most good artists of any type tend to be dicks - look at hemingway, john "johnny rotten" lydon, andy kaufman.

there are a few nice ones - but they're the exceptions unfortunately. seems you have to think highly of yourself to make it far. joshuabelanger - Watched a doc on Dali today. I was unaware of how much of a pretentious dick he was. And the dada movement wasnt as fun as it looked.

a last bit from the arts festival. i was embarassing my daughter when we were there. i felt people should get excited about art like sports.

was shouting things like "whoo arts festival!", "yes, black and white photography!", "all right, wired sculpture", "whoo hoo, mixed media!"

i even suggested we paint the letters a-r-t on our chest and do the wave. "yeah, art, all ri-i-i-ight!!!!!!!!!

@sushiday - god, you're torturing me with that banana bread description!

@sushiday - if you get more eyeaches that turn to headaches, you might want to see a doctor. it's probably nothing, but then again...

@sushiday - (in homer voice with drool running out of my mouth) hmmm, banana bread with chocolate chips! want to send some my way? sushiday - @OlderMusicGeek Oh yes, it's wonderful. An ooey gooey mess of chocolatey banana deliciousness! Mmmmmm... banana bread...

shannonhilson - Flogging Molly, where have you been all my life? Nothing beats discovering a new band to love.
sushiday - Making banana bread with chocolate chips... mmm it smells good!

@killregrets - that movie night idea still sounds like a blast!

@juice_brianne -didnt eat at the arts festival! we just went to quik trip. got sandwich, chips, drinks for 3 for price of 1or 2 items there.

the arts festival was fun and interesting-saw an all white band play west african drums and a cajun band from st louis!

and i finally saw a local bluegrass band, mr baber's neighbors, that i have been wanting to see. and they are good!

oh, yeah, i also quite a few purty pictures!

2 hours into the arts festival - my tween daughter's friend says, "it's only art here!"
@jmcoon - you used wal-mart as a reason to get out of your house?!

@juice_brianne - you're at the arts festival too! are you hiding from me and my daughter?! :)

taking my tween daughter and a friend of hers to the arts festival in town. i hope i get to see what i want to see!

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