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Friday, August 29, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

my shoulders ache. my legs feel like rubber. i'm dying of thirst. i'm getting so old. i just can't handle moving anymore!

@juice_brianne - why do you need your wallet to decide what to make for dinner?

@istacie - congrats on your 2 100%'s. good job!

i am sooooo sore. i helped my sister moved. this is too much work for a man in his mid-forties! ouch!

ALL SAID ABOUT ME MAY OR MAY NOT B TRU SEE FOR URSELF!:o hyperactivity -omg's daughter X_x

that was REALLY my daughter - she demanded to see everything i wrote about her on twitter!

found this on the everyone tab - http://twitter.com/laundryroom - and http://tinyurl.com/23ruwr - too amusing!

bought a new cord and my zune is still a piece of crap! what a surprise! oh, why oh why did i buy a zune?!
@angryasianguy - powerpuff girls and dexter were strong bonding experience for my daughter and me. watched it all the time!

@killregrets - i love that "fraud in the 80s" song - but it's the only mates of states song i know!

my zune is still not working! curse you microsoft and bill gates! someday, i will have my revenge! - sorry too many comic books in my teens!

@spookychan -red rain is a freaky awesome songs-one of the few i like that came out after "security" -plus stewart copeland plays the drums!

@killregrets - redheads and no make up rules in my book. go for it!

@rebeccalarsen -i hate people who romanticize suicide and worship those who committed it. trying suicide is just plain stupid. i know!!

@killregrets -ALWAYS playing my pandora quick mix when at the computer. wish could play at work! http://tinyurl.com/6hb5pz

@msaleem - thanks for telling us that about hancock. now why don't you tell everyone who rosebud is!

i f-ing hate microsoft! i never ever buy a f-ing zune again! v.2 doesn't work half as well as v.1. i constantly am having software issues!

@spookychan -sorry, don't get what people like about later gabriel. liked peter gabriel iii, security and birdy. then lost interest.

@killregrets - what?! scientology lies?! i can't believe it! i have to check my thetan levels!

dang, failed new citizenship test! - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id... - http://tinyurl.com/5grnz9

i've discovered another way i've become my parents. i'll tell my daughter that joey ramone/kurt vonnegut/george carlin/jesse helms died.

when i tell my daughter these people have died, i get a blank look. i'm sure it's the same one i gave my parents!

then i try to explain the importance of the dead person-which i get a look of oh-there-he-goes-again -which i probably also gave my parents!

@istacie -one of my musical guilty pleasures is "wake me up before you go-go"-hate to say it but gets rotated into my mp3 player a good bit.

@killregrets - i hate you-my apartment is a mess and don't have any clean clothes for work-and cant sleep and am not doing anything useful!

@sushiday and @jfalconer -you're making me feel old-seem to be feeling that way a lot lately! anyway, remember 1986 -damn, i was in college! A link to my Twitter page

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