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Saturday, September 06, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

juice_brianne - @OlderMusicGeek I thought I did! Got to start the Register folks off easy, with people they know, I think.

@juice_brianne - didn't see you responded to my quip of not including me on list of twitters to follow - see how important it was to me!

when leaving africa, i told a friend that mandela was in prison when i got there and was now president-he quipped that our work was done!

blog on mandela memories when living near south africa-http://tinyurl.com/57fua7

somebody's been staying too late too many nights at a work. there was a mattress in garbage bin at work!

@istacie - pandora rules! i even got my daughter into it - and she think it's great! and she doesn't think much of my stuff is great!

istacie - loving Pandora

yay! washed clothes and blankets today! haven't put any away... but they're washed. and i got back in time for my guest who didn't show!

overheard at work yesterday-"he doesn't have any hair to pull!" "bet he does..." "not going there!" i told the co-worker that she's evil!

hey, it's ntate madiba's birthday! if anyone deserves a long life, he does! heck just to make up for 27 years in prison!

since i don't know zulu, i'll have to use sesotho - likhomo tseo le manamane a tsona!

can tell LOTS of young people use twitter. they've all seen dark knight on the first night! i haven't even seen iron man!

@duanewilliams - there's still places you can go without technology. technology isn't far away, but most of the people can't afford it! duanewilliams - @c0nt0iswayne, where can one go in the world and escape technology? And why would one want to do that? Tyler won't be able to call you?

yay! my zune is working! and only after 2 or 3 hours on the phone with the zune people! never again! the next one is an ipod!

@sushiday - grey hair at 21? that's what college will do to you! sushiday - Just found my first grey hair. At the ripe old age of... 21. *sigh*

left my webcam out and my daughter found it. less than a day later, it's broken!

let our cat in the apartment building hallway when i wash clothes, but she knows that soon as the washer starts to go back in the apartment!

other day, our cat was in the hall. my daughter yelled "in" at it. it looked at her like she was crazy. i yelled "in" and the cat zoomed in!

@juice_brianne - congrats on you and joe getting the apartment and taking the big step! good luck! juice_brianne - JOE AND I GOT THE APARTMENT!!!
quietrevolution - @OlderMusicGeek I am still working on figuring out what makes some music, such as much of the Clashs timeless, so my bands can copy! SEH =A+
juice_brianne - @oldermusicgeek Aw, don't be sore! just trying to teach the register people about this

last week, someone said i was tired on saturday-4th of july was friday-and sick monday and tuesday. asked if i had an internet hottie!

i told her that i did have an internet hottie, but that angeline and i were trying to figure out how to break it to brad!

daughter said, "no offense, dad, but i don't think you could get someone like angeline jolie." she doesn't like overweight data entry folk?

@juice_brianne - you didn't recommend following me! i'm so crushed!

@quietrevolution -great song for a fave. i think my fave clash song is safe european home. i just love the harmonies and how it still rocks! quietrevolution - Hes in love with rocknroll woaahh Hes in love with gettin stoned woaahh Hes in love with JOI G But he dont like his boring job, no. Fav song

juice_brianne - @reg_jennifer I recommend following @DMRegister, @dmjuice, @kmunson, @notcarol, @cynthiareynaud for starters! A link to my Twitter page

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