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Monday, March 13, 2006

HUMOR: The Secret Origin of The Scanning Man

I got this nickname at work. And then one of the scanners suggested I get a suit with DSM on the chest. And having read comics in high school and college, I realized I would need a secret origin. So I can up with this. - OlderMusicGeek


From the mists of Africa, from the insurance capital of America and from the land of digital image reproduction, comes a hero. A hero needed when insurance claims stacks are too high, when only speed and efficiency will do. A hero who knows his way around a computer, a scanning device and a cart overfilling insurance claims of all sorts – UB’s, HCFA’s, TMC’s, and even Medically Needy!

Unbeknownst to those who don’t pay attention to what our hero says, our hero spent many years teaching in The Mountain Kingdom near the southern edge of Africa. There, he befriended a traditional doctor when! he translated a big-worded government form for him that in the end really had little to do with the doctor, but to waste paper was passed out to all in the vicinity. In gratitude, the traditional doctor taught our hero ancient secrets in improving one’s speed, stamina and ability to keep one’s self amused while performing long, boring, repetitive tasks. (We won’t mention that the secrets involve using homebrew and dagga!)

So when our hero returned to his hometown, the raging metropolis with more insurance companies per capita than any other town, he knew how just to use those abilities. He adapted these ancient African skills to the modern technology of digital computerized image reproduction! Suddenly, he was able to send papers more quickly through the machines for longer times than any mere mortal.

So when medical and dental forms inch towards the ceiling, and adjusters are screaming in need for the latest UB-92 or Dental 1999-Version 2000, a mild-mannered scanner forsakes his secret identity and becomes…



Anonymous said...

Huh? What ... did you say something??



OlderMusicGeek said...

Obviously nothing of importance!

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