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Thursday, August 03, 2006

CULTURE/SOCIETY: An Interesting Questionaire from My Kid Brother

My kid brother, Harmonica23, sent me this on MySpace. I found it pretty amusing, and he said I could pass onto you, my faithful readers. Enjoy! - OlderMusicGeek

So, every survey mcbulletin thingy I see is always the same. So, I made a survey, that actually listens and responds to you! Check it out! THE OFFICIAL SURVEY OF CARWASH.

1.) WHOA, don't sneak up on me like that. Who are you?
Apparently not a very good Ninja

2.) Who gave ya this?
Your mom in exchange for sexual favors

3.) Well, that person is pretty cool, might as well get ta know ya better, where ya from, chum?
The 7th Ring of Hell

4.) You still there now?
I'm a permanent fixture

5.) Oh yeah, why is that?
Because I never leave

6.) Sweet, good to know. Do you have any questions for me?

7.) Oh yeah, what is it?
What are you some kind of moron?

8.) I'm not going to answer that. Where did that question come from?
Well....You were being a moron

9.) Well, none the less, it was pretty insulting. So let's pick a less controversal topic: How do you feel about abortions?
I like them with a pinch of salt

10.) I KID, I KID. I don't really want to know that. What's something I would normally ask someone?
Did I miss the short bus again??

11.) That was rhetorical. Wait your turn. Hey, if you had a super power, what would it be?
The power to be a better Ninja so I can kill people and not get trapped into having conversations with them.

12.) That's kinda lame, you got something better than that? Or how about weirder?
How about sonic farts that blow peoples ear drums

13.) That was a hoot and a hollar! If you had superpowers, would you use them for good, or for evil?
Eh, just as a party gag

14.) I knew you would choose that, it's like...we know each others thoughts... Was that creepy?
Not as creepy as the fact that your chummin' up to the guy that was sent to kill you.

15.) I apologize. So...you single?
None of your damn business

16.) Well that sounds super-duper. What attracts you to the opposite sex?
Oh so your just gonna assume I'm straight huh? There is such thing as gay Ninjas ya know.

17.) Yeah, sense of humor is important, but I usually just go by breast size. What? Was that shallow?
Yeah, boobs are a good time

18.) What do you do for a living?
Duh, hello, Ninja assassin

19.) Oh my gosh, that sounds pretty darn interesting, you like it?
Not always *cough*

20.) Did you have to get some sort of training or anything?
No, I just turned in an application and Bam! I was a Ninja

21.) Rad. So, whats you favorite professional sport?
Ninja Golf

22.) Yeah, me too. Ever been to a sporting event?
Me and couple other Ninjas from the office play every Sunday

23.) Exciting! How old were ya?
Every Sunday!

24.) Wow, you must have been pumped! The problem with sporting events is the beer always sucks. Super foamy 12 dollar beer night. Are you a beer drinker?
I shouldn't because it effects my work hence this conversation I'm having with you

25.) Whats your favorite overall beverage?
Red Bull. Ninjas gots to be alert

26.) What about the environment? Think we should do more to improve it, or haven't we jacked it up to improve it yet?
I can usually blend into any enviroment

27.) I'm hungry, you hungry?
No, I'm very skilled at suppressing my hunger

28.) Where's your favorite place to eat?
Ninja Lu's Rice Bowl

29.) Sounds fantastic! Is it expensive?
They have very reasonable lunch specials

30.) Well, that sounds fair enough, what do you recommend?
Assassin's Delight

31.) I'll have to try it. Are you going to take me?
Nah, you're not gonna live too much longer

32.) Are you picking up the check?
I guess so

33.) Oh, aren't you the pal? Seen any good movies lately?
3 Ninjas, best movie ever

34.) Yeah I heard that was awesome, 'specially that one part with that one dude, who was doin' stuff...totally sweet, I think I might have ruined it for a few people. Sorry, you forgive me?
That part rocks socks!

35.) Seen any bad movies lately?
I only watch Ninja Movies....So, no!

36.) That's always cool when that happens! Do you think leaving a survey at 36 questions is weird?
Well....you have no choice because I'm killing you now

Too bad, cause I'm doin' it. I guess I'll check ya later. Have fun doin' stuff that you like to do.

Remember, Carwash always says to bring a buddy!

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