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Sunday, August 03, 2008

CULTURE/SOCIETY: My "Tweets" From Twitter

@ilovealgebra - are you excited about the trees? or do you have a phobia of trees? 08:24 PM June 19, 2008 from web in reply to ilovealgebra

didn't sleep hardly at all last night. luckily, my daughter was sick and i was home with her until just now-her mom's home. took a nap. :) 12:26 PM June 19, 2008 from web

@puppyl0ve - what's with you and your obsessions with phils? 12:18 PM June 19, 2008 from web in reply to M0neyMen

@puppyl0ve - what are you doing in a place that snows in june?! 12:16 PM June 19, 2008 from web in reply to M0neyMen

@puppyl0ve - god, i went nuts when it snowed 3 times in april here - http://oldermusicgeek.blogs... from web in reply to M0neyMen

remember how i missed my daughter on monday. guess who spent half the day with her and worked until 7:30pm to make up time cus she was sick! from web

didn't have my daughter today! can't believe how much i got done! :) - and yes, i still miss her! from web

i was exhausted all afternoon, so why can't i sleep now? from web

what's with me getting strong christian twitter followers? don't believe the bible, and if there's a god, sure it's not the christian god! from web

in case people are interested, here's my blog posts on jesus - http://oldermusicgeek.blogs... from web

and my posts on christianity - http://oldermusicgeek.blogs... from web

@ringernation - how the hell could you sleep during cloverfield. what's not to understand? big monster attacking manhattan, rescuing friend. from web

@sushiday - congrats on graduating! from web in reply to sushiday

forgot to mention-at the amusement park, saw 4 boys around a $5 bill discussing what they should do, not picking it up-only in the midwest!

looking at the everyone slot - and n3b(http://twitter.com/N3B) said earl gray tastes better cold - ew! from web

@jmcoon - my daughter introduced me to "shake it" - i like that song! from web

@jmcoon-how can you make fun of iowa when you live in MISSOURI. we may complain of iowa, but we can say at least we're not from missouri. :) from web

i survived tween daughter's b-day party! 6 girls and 1 guy-she invited 3 but only 1 showed! exhausted-not like the amusement park, but... from web

accidentally left a gal behind when we did miniature golf. thought we did on purpose, so i paid an extra round so they could golf with her. from web

still have 2 extra tween girls until tomorrow morning. ugh! what racket in the car! from web

so weird about (my home state) having wifi spots.*gives jm a dirty look* :) from web

the leevee breached in our town, and part of the town had to have people evacuated! we even made the npr national news on the hour! from web

party's in 2 hours-and everybody and their grandmothers keep calling me! aaaargh! do something useful people, like help the flood victims! from web

that "tweet" about 3 tween girls spending the night makes me sound like some old pervert! from web

busy weekend coming!working this morning. b-day party-mostly tween girls-in the afternoon.2 tween girls spending the night with my daughter! from web

then after having 3 tween girls at my place all night, i have a big family function for dad's day! from web

@jmcoon - better bumping into someone walking while texting - people who drive and text scare me! from web

@sushiday - good luck moving before the dinner! from web

got a new cube at work! the other quality control people had bigger cubes, but i was left in mine. and frankly didn't care from web

but the extra space is nice - and the radio reception is a lot better. less interference from the machinery. i can hear my npr interviews! from web

and if you do go to an amusement park in your 40s and do all the rides with the kids, it's a good idea to take the next day off! from web

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sore. i feel battered and bruised. amusement parks are a lot harder on your body when you're in your 40's! from web

the rain cleared up, so there wasn't many people at the amusement park. so the girls i took kept doing rides over. from web

i am getting older. the rollercoaster with two loop-de-loops made me dizzy and groggy for 15 minutes. but i did go twice in a row! from web

also did the other rollercoaster 3 times in a row - girls did it 4, but i said i'd wait for them! and they did the log ride like 12 times! from web

my daughter got tickets for the local amusement park for being a cross guard. but they're for today only and it's pouring like mad! from web

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