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Monday, August 19, 2013

MY LIFE - 50 For My 50th Day Day 09: "So Lonely" by The Police and other songs of a first love!

For an explanation of "50 For My 50th", go here - http://oldermusicgeek.blogspot.com/2013/08/entertainment-50-for-my-50th-50-days-of.html

This post is about one of my first loves! The Police!

No, not the peacekeeping institution in our towns, but the band!

I had a lot of bands I enjoyed and probably loved, Devo, The Sex Pistols, Talking Heads. But they were all bands introduced to me by someone else, probably my older brother for the most part.

The Police was a band I discovered on my own!

And back in 1979 before they sold out and tried to be commercial. I hadn't heard anything like them before. The weird mix of punk, reggae, jazz, and world music.

And the lyrics! How could I not relate to songs with titles like "So Lonely", "Next To You", "Hole In My Life", and "Truth Hits Everybody"?!

I felt like Sting got exactly where I was coming from! Later, I would learn that Stewart Copeland would probably relate to me more! But at this time, I felt a strong musical connection!

Their later albums didn't do as much for me. But their first album, and even the second, will always hold a special place in my heart!


A playlist of Police songs I related to including "So Lonely":

Click the link below to listen to my monstrosity of a playlist, OlderMusicGeek's 50th B-Day, on Spotify:


Jim said...

Sold out? I don't think so. They definately went in a new direction but I don't think that new direction was about selling records.

Dan OlderMusicGeek said...

Actually, they said in interviews that they were trying to make a more commercial record with their third one. That was part of the reason that they toned down the reggae influence.

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